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Privacy Policy

Reduce Your Risk
And Improve Your Trading
With Fixedpips

If you trade the markets, then you need Fixedpips!

Fixedpips is a new and affordable software plug-in and subscription service that integrates with retail trading platforms which are used by millions of traders all around the world each and every trading day.

Fixedpips logo on Mac laptop

Fixedpips integrates with MetaTrader or JForex trading platforms running on Windows, macOS or Linux based computers and our service will work with any broker or trading account provider that supplies either of these two trading platforms for use with their service.

Popular trading platforms

Our service is designed to work with retail forex trading accounts which are supplied by Brokers, Banks or other regulated financial institutions.

Trading account providers

Fixedpips is a stand-alone product and service. We are not affiliated with any of the trading account providers shown above or any of the many others that are out there, so as a Fixedpips subscriber, you are completely free to choose which trading account type, provider, and trading platform software you use with our service.

Wondering how it works?

Below is a short introductory video which gives a basic overview of our service and how it works.

Is Fixedpips secure?

Our software and service is designed from the ground up to be secure.

Your trading funds always remain with your third-party trading account provider and our software plug-in can only ever open or close trades within your trading platform that are of a size which is inline with your monthly service plan.

Our software plug-in is not able to perform any other actions within your trading account, within your trading platform, or on your computer as not only is it not designed to do so, but there are also limitations on what any third-party software plug-in is able to do when it is installed within one of the trading platform software packages that Fixedpips supports - and these limitations are built into these trading platforms as part of their own tried and tested security features, and these trading platforms have been in public use for many years now.

Fixedpips never has the ability to make any changes to your trading account or access your trading funds other than to open and close risk managed trades which are in line with your chosen service plan - so you, and only you remain in full control of your trading account and your trading funds at all times and Fixedpips can also be enabled or disabled within your trading platform at anytime you choose.

Stripe payment processor

Also, any service plan payments that you make to Fixedpips are always processed by our payment processor Stripe, which is a very large and reputable third-party payment processing specialist so your payment method details are never processed or stored by us at any time.

And once you become a Fixedpips subscriber you will be allocated your own personal customer portal link that you can use to view details of any payments that you have made to Fixedpips and you can also upgrade, downgrade or cancel your Fixedpips subscription using your portal link at any time.

Example Stripe Portal

So as you can see, the Fixedpips software and service is secure by design and our customers alway remain in full control of their trading accounts, their trading funds, and their Fixedpips service. Not only is this good for our customers but it also helps us sleep very well at night too...


Use the button below to find out more on the specifics of how Fixedpips works, or you can use our main menu at the top of this page to learn more about our pricing, how to get started, about our company or our about our terms and conditions.

We also have a FAQS section where you can find answers to any questions that are not specifically covered elsewhere on our website - and if you still have any questions after reading through our website and our FAQS, then you are always welcome to contact us


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